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Cultivating a life-long passion for exceptional building, Ben Fettig founded Benny’s Construction in Petoskey in 2000. Initially, the company focused on framing, roofing, and siding. However, within a few years, Fettig realized that because of his extensive attention to detail, Bachelor of Arts degree in architecture, and home building lineage, the timing was perfect to launch a second company: Harbor View Custom Builders.

“They say there is a lot in a name,” notes Fettig, “That’s why we decided on Harbor View Custom Builders. Ideally, the name reflects the unprecedented, high-quality craftsmanship of each Harbor View home.” Of course, while each home doesn’t necessarily have a harbor view, they all have the attention to detail and beauty often found in homes overlooking the harbor.

Since Fettig was a small child, there was only one thing he ever wanted to do: Build houses. Luckily for Fettig, he was able to build right from the very beginning. As a young boy, he worked alongside his grandfather who built with meticulous detail using centuries- old standards, which are quickly fading in this age of time crunches and shortcuts. At an early age, Fettig’s grandfather drove home the art of fine craftsmanship, the importance of having integrity in everything you do, and the lost skill of listening carefully.

Fettig attended Ferris State College, where he earned a degree in architectural design. Immediately upon graduation, he knew it would never be enough to only draw beautiful homes, he felt the call of his roots to roll up his sleeves and build. However, the degree uniquely qualities Fettig to liaise between clients and their architect to create the perfect home. Additionally, Fettig is known for excellent client communication. He works carefully within budget to build a trusting relationship.

Fettig’s greatest satisfaction is knowing that, with building timeless homes, he is part of something truly priceless. “I am privileged to participate in the creation of a dream, one that will be treasured for many years,” says Fettig. “It is incredible to be part of the process when a family’s dream is realized. I understand, respect, and value all the hard work, determination, and sacrifice.”


It is this sincere appreciation of hard work, and respect for clients aspirations, that fuel Harbor View Custom Builders to continue creating homes that last for generations, and relationships which last a lifetime.